How Long Does Moisturizer Last?

11 01 2011

Here is a good question.  How long does moisturizer last?  I think about my cabinet and the myriad of lotions and potions that I’ve had for a while.  When did I buy them?  Can’t say.  How long do they last?  I didn’t know there was an expiration!

Anew has expiration dates on the jars of day cream and night cream.  But what if your moisturizer or lotion doesn’t have an expiration date?

The authors of the Real Simple Newsletter have answered just that question for us.  Sealed and unopened bottles of moisturizers should last 3 years.  Opened moisturizers and lotions last 2 years.  They won’t hurt your skin after that, they just won’t seal in moisture as well, which is why you’re using them!  If you use them regularly, chances are you’ll need to replenish before the expiration date anyway.

As with anything, if you notice a change in the smell or texture of the moisturizer, it’s time to toss it.  And if it’s a jar, since you’re using your fingers to get the moisturizer, it might spoil faster due to bacteria from your hands.  Your best bet?  Check the expiration date on the jar or tube.  After that?  Check the smell.  And finally, if you haven’t used it in a while and can’t remember when you bought it, your best bet is to throw it out and get a new one.

Happy Moisturizing!


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